Accessing Secured Storage via Network File System (NFS)

Network File System Access Method

You can use the Linux-based Network File System (NFS) to mount your backup space, adding it as a network drive.

The NFS Access Method is only available to Bare Metal Clients whose server is physically located inside of Bare Metal's IP Space.

Full instructions for mounting NFS drives can be found in the Linux documentation. See the documentation at the following link for step-by-step instructions for Mounting NFS using /etc/fstab:

The line you will add to the fstab file will look something like this:

<div style="border:solid thin; background-color:#D3D3D3; width:500px;"><ul>      /storage    nfs    defaults    0 0</ul></div>

Use the mount /storage command to commit the mounting of the network space.

Should you wish to change the default settings for the mount in the fstab directions above see this article for detailed NFS Mount options:

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